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Tindall Lodge Photos

Tindall Lodge

A sunny day looking at the front of Tindall Lodge, built in the 1970's. It is named after the late James W. Tindall, who was very active in the old Eagle Rock Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

The cabin has an excellent wood stove that will keep you very warm on those cold winter nights. A counter with a stove top and a dry sink form the kitchen. The cabin is equipped with twenty four bunks with mattresses. Tables provide a place to eat or do activities. Gas fixtures light up the cabin.

The latrine is located across the street from the cabin.

The cabin is a good distance from the center of camp along Cannonball Trail, going towards Camp Yaw Paw. The closest source of water is the West Well.

Field behind Tindall

The field behind Tindall, great for Troop activities or tent camping.

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