Camp Glen Gray - Troop 4 Cabin Photos

Camp Glen Gray

Troop 4 Cabin

The Troop 4 cabin is one of the oldest buildings at Camp Glen Gray. The cabin was originally Troop 3's and was deeded to Montclair's Troop 4 in 1931. According to the deed, "Cabin 22" was transfered to Troop 4 on Sept. 21, 1931. The deed was signed by D.L. Mills, one of the original builders (George Harris and Charles Reep were the other two involved).

For many years, the cabin was unused and fell into disrepair. Starting in 2005, a group of people led by Randy Holden and including Drew Baumgardt, Brian Conner, Mary Engelman, Chris Jones, Pete Orrock and Howard Tober decided to rehabilitate the cabin.

When completed, renters will soon find out that this cabin is so remote yet so close to the main camp!

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