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Benedict Lodge Ceiling and Wall Renovations\

Renovations were done to Benedict Cabin to complete a number of projects that included a new roof, ramping the front door and building back door steps.

In the latest round of work, the ceiling was removed.

Next, the walls were opened to repair any water damage and insulation was applied to make the cabin warmer and reduce the amount of firewood needed to heat the cabin.

A new ceiling was then put in.

The new ceiling was then framed out in timbers to give the cabin a rustic look.

A nice new classy looking ceiling. The results of lots of hard work.

The proud work crew - Drew Baumgardt (not shown), Steven Bierach, Bob Brenneck, Randy Holden, Chris Jones, Irv Konner, Doug Morongell, Jerry Murnane, Pete Orrok and Joe Pastore.

All of the work of replacing the ceiling, insulating and repairing damage to the wall was done in just two weekends.

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